Already Friday…

It feels like it's Monday and Friday all the time! For the time being, illness is going fast and it is actually noticeable with everything we have time for. This week we have built Eezers motorcycle ambulances, made a wrought iron ramp, made glass sections in various materials such as copper, steel and brass. In addition, we have had welding trials for our skilled blacksmiths and welding course participants. Our new project manager Peter has put his teeth into a beam job. And, as usual, the week ended with 5 S with a focus on relocation. There is really a lot we get to do when we are helped! 

On Monday we are back! We are between a few jobs and right now we can offer extra fast and good service. So do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have something you want help with. We offer most things in steel, glass and forgeshoe constructions. Our forging workshop is filled with skilled blacksmiths who can manufacture exclusively furnishings. Our nice service guys are also available for servicesmide.


Eezers motorcycle ambulance during manufacture