MONTHLY LETTER FEBRUARY 2020 - everything in forging & glass

Welcome to the family!

Finally, we can tell you that we have recently joined as a partner in a sheet metal & forging company in Östergötland. Great fun and exciting! We have a lot to gain from a collaboration. They know sheet metal & forging and we can contribute what we are good at. In addition, it will be easier to achieve a good result if we are helped through adversity and success. Together with Bröderna Eddings Smide, we will become a strong player in the market and deliver forge & glass world class! 

We're going to grow so fast

We are well on our way to crossing a milestone in Lundgren's development, namely a turnover of 100 million by 2020. As a result of our own growth and acquisitions, we have increased in size. Here are some points we worked on:

  • SELL It all starts with sales!
  • COMMUNITY Teamwork makes the dreamwork!
  • 5 S Create and maintain order & order. 
  • RECRUITMENT CV is history! A positive attitude and how to use your knowledge is more important!
  • PROFIT OWNER SYSTEM Take responsibility for sales and implementation of your own projects and you will get to see the results. 
  • DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES The door is open for you who want to develop. 

Our ambition is to continue to grow by finding more companies where our platform can be useful.

Now Eezer is in Africa to reduce maternal mortality

A new group is in Kenya to follow up the project of developing and implementing motorcycle ambulances for reduced maternal mortality. They will deliver a new crew to a clinic in Samuli in southern Kenya and follow up on some already delivered crews.

Do you want to get involved in Eezer? Then you are welcome to contribute exactly what you are good at or you can become monthly donor to take the work forward. To be part of making the world a little better is an indescribable feeling!  

Eezer has a lot of exciting things going on. Among other things, materials for ambulances will be transported down to Burundi. After that, Eezer will set up a workshop on site where locals will be trained in building ambulances. As maternal mortality is a major problem in Burundi, carriages will make a big difference and save many lives.

Take a welding course with us this spring

Even if you have never held a weld before, you can easily join metal together with the help of a welding wire and build a table, for example. Eager to learn? Then you should check out ours supply because we have courses for all tastes, both for individuals, companies and schools. With us, for example, an 80-year-old woman who has never welded before managed to get her first welding certificate.


We are experts in forging & glass with more than 65 years of history. Our long experience and broad industry knowledge means that we can offer most things in steel, glass and wrought iron constructions to both construction companies and private individuals. You can also take welding courses with us. We have fully equipped workshops in Bromma and Järfälla and can provide service quickly and easily. 50 skilled blacksmiths are at your service!


Do you want to know more about us? Visit Lundgrens Smide or Eddings Smide for more information or read our  monthly letter.

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