Monthly newsletter August 2020 - everything in forging & glass

Now we are back with full capacity after a wonderful summer. We are filled with new energy and ready for an exciting autumn. Right now we are working at night to get wall rails up at Fridhemsplan's metro station so that the art can come up when the rearmament of the station is complete. We also do forging work for Norrtälje bus depot, manufacture and assemble specially ordered metal glass sections, stair railings, alternating beams and much more. 

To be your own successful blacksmith 

When your work day is over, we want you to feel happy when you leave work, not because the work day is over but for what you have done during the day. It is when we do things that are close to our hearts that we thrive best and become most productive and efficient. 

The work of recruiting new employees is in full swing. We are looking for you who are passionate about your work tasks and want to be involved and do forging & glass world class. Skills and experience in all glory, but your attitude to the job is crucial. Because if you are motivated, driven and think your job is fun, you can learn what you need to know. With us, you get to be yourself and constantly learn new things. The goal is for everyone to be able to control their everyday life and influence their development and work situation. In addition, you get to work with a bunch of wonderful colleagues and make friends for life. 

Do you want to become one of us? Then you should apply for one of ours Available positions in Stockholm or Norrköping.

Our course business is growing

It is great that the demand for our welding courses is growing. Our goal is for everyone who wants to have the opportunity to learn welding! Therefore, we have expanded the range of courses with even more courses in different welding methods, both for beginners and those who want to develop their knowledge. Choose to take an evening course, a course on weekends or an intensive course. In addition to our regular course offerings we organize commissioned courses and festive welding events. 

PIZZA STEEL at a great price

Our campaign on pizza steel for the perfect pizza continues. It is a big demand and therefore we are developing how we can most effectively continue to sell pizza steel at the low price. Take the opportunity to make a super cut for what fits better in the autumn than a cozy pizza night? The pizza steel you buy easily and conveniently in the spring webshop where you will also find some other products.

Pizza steel for the perfect pizza

Speaking of goodies

Every Friday we offer go-fika. If you have passed the roads and are curious to see how we are or want to talk jobs, you are welcome. We are happy to contribute with tips and advice within forge & glass and welding of course!

Welcome to a gofika with us

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We at Lundgrens can offer most things in steel, glass and wrought iron constructions. With over 65 years of experience and broad industry knowledge, we can offer the best solutions based on your needs and wishes. We have fully equipped workshops in Bromma, Järfälla and Norrköping and can therefore provide good and fast service. Today, over 50 blacksmiths work with us. Our business areas are forging, glass and metal sections, furnishings and construction service.

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