Lundgren's largest entrance door, inner and outer steel glass sections and glass for an elevator shaft to the Tram Museum!

An entrance gives the first impression of a building and it should be inviting to visitors. Therefore, it feels extra fun that we have been involved in making the entrance to the Tramway Museum new premises in the culturally and historically protected Gasworks area. The architecturally beautiful factory building from 1892 was previously used as a regeneration house for the Värtagasverket. The ambition is to preserve the old character from the Gas Works era and in the raw industrial premises there are iron beams and traverses left. The Tram Museum will open to visitors in 2021.

Description of the project

Lundgrens has delivered 13 custom-made steel glass sections, both inner and outer door sections and an entrance section. The parts that are made of steel are both strong, stable and stylish based on the project's unique needs. They are equipped with glass that meets the requirements for fire safety and the environment. Several of the doors have been delivered with door automation. In the entrance you will find one of Lundgren's largest entrance sections of all time with associated side glass. It is about five meters high and four meters wide. Weight 700 kg each incl glass. We made it ourselves in our own forging workshop. The batches were delivered including assembly. For the large entrance area, we used a glass robot when installing the glass. The steel sections are powder coated.

In addition to the glass sections, we put tempered laminated glass with stainless steel profiles in the museum's elevator shaft. In the project we also delivered steel beams., 


The Tram Museum in Norra Djurgårdsstaden in Stockholm.

Project time

Spring 2020.


Cobab Sverige AB.

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We at Lundgrens have extensive experience of manufacturing and assembling steel glass and aluminum sections and can offer complete complete solutions regardless of need. Our ambition is for the customer to be able to get glass sections in addition to what can be offered for standard-made glass sections. That is why we specialize in custom-made glass sections that are adapted to your specific needs and wishes, which we manufacture ourselves in our own workshops. Our products meet current requirements for fire safety and the environment. You can have your steel glass sections painted in the color you want and you choose the fittings, handles, attachments, etc. We also dress parties in different materials such as brass, copper and stainless.

We offer steel glass sections for, among other things, the home, patios, entrances, shops, hospitals and schools such as:

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The batches are usually delivered including assembly. 


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