For thousands of years we have turned forging details

To turning is a technology that has been around for thousands of years. The lathe is namely an old tool that has existed since 1300 BC. It is used for various materials such as wood, metal, plastic and stone.

During the turning, the material spins and a cutting tool moves horizontally, diagnostically or in parallel. The tool cuts material from the raw material and a new shape is created. The metal thus rotates and by machining with cutting tools, smooth and rounded shapes are cut out.

The biggest difference between turning now and in the past is mainly that the cutting tools are made of new materials. In addition, most machines today are CNC-controlled. CNC means Computerized Numerical Control, which is a computer system that controls workshop machines or machines that are programmed numerically. With the help of the control system, you can manufacture complicated parts in a uniform and automatic way.

Forging details for tables

We use our metal lathe frequently. We mainly use it when we make wrought iron details in aluminum, brass, steel and copper. It takes time to learn how the technology works and what to think about to become a skilled lathe operator. Being aware of the risks involved in turning is also important. And of course practice gives skill!

We have some really skilled lathes at Lundgrens. Here is one of those who turn forging details into a table. A glass table top should be on top of the forging details. In any case, I am very impressed by the parts he creates with the lathe!

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Svarvade smidesdetaljer till bord
Small forging details
svarvade midesdetaljer
Forging details
Svarvade smidesdetaljer
Details turned into a table


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