A week with lots of welding

Welding is a craft. And a very fun one! Many who try to weld for the first time get stuck right away. To become a skilled welder requires good knowledge of both technology, materials, equipment and a good touch. It also takes a lot of practice to be able to weld small fine precision details.

During this week, there were several welding events. On Tuesday, we co-organized a welding event at Besqab's inauguration of the new housing project Legera Hagastaden. Through Hagastaden, Stockholm and Solna will be welded together into a new attractive city. During the event, the participants got to weld a work of art together. The artwork depicted a city made of stainless steel pipes on a corten plate.

We also had a welding test for both our employees and welding course participants. In addition, we had different welding courses in the evenings for both beginners and experienced welders. In addition to this, we did, as usual, various welding jobs, large and small. It is just to state that we have many really skilled welders with us. With a little steel and a weld can create the most impossible craftsmanship. Like magic!

If you are eager to learn welding, you can go to one of ours welding courses. We have courses for you who want to try welding for the first time and you who want to pass one welder test in a specific method.


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