Monthly letter March 2017

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Relationships are important for us to be able to do a good job and for us to get a good result - it is connected! In March var red group away on a team trip. The team had time to socialize and build relationships in beautiful Florence that offered fantastic architecture, art and forging. Everyone shared their stories, goals and talents. There was also an opportunity to discuss things that are important to the business.

REVISION EN-1090 - EXC3 AND ISO 3834-2

The audit went well. We introduced a new routine to facilitate deviation reporting. Instead of filling in a deviation form, you should email a picture of the deviation to with current work order number and a short description. At the same time, you notify the responsible project manager that you have sent a deviation. Adam, Gert, Jimmy and Richard are now responsible for the manufacture and assembly of steel building structures.


Our customers pay your salary! All money that comes in to LUNDGRENS comes from the fact that we sold something to a customer. You are a salesperson no matter what you work with - when you answer the phone, work with recruitment, drive out stuff or assemble on a construction site. We sell in every contact with a customer or supplier. A good attitude, interest and commitment are crucial for us to succeed in building relationships, understanding the customer's needs and finding solutions. To increase sales to the desired level, we must WANT to sell and be the BEST at exactly what the customer wants!


Now those responsible have been appointed to ensure that we are in phase with the set budget. Natalia is responsible for costs in finance, Richard for management, Johanna for personnel, Fuad for materials & cars, Yosef M for tools & machines and Yosef H for workwear. All purchases must be made in consultation with the person responsible and / or in accordance with the existing guidelines.


At the end of April, two participants from the Steel Builder Education will come to us for APL (workplace-based learning). They will alternate three weeks APL with one week theory until mid-September. We hope we can find talents who are interested in the profession! In today's increasingly digital society, we need to do what we can to attract more people to the industry and contribute to the genuine craft profession living on. We need to highlight the beauty of the profession and raise the trend factor! Feel professional pride in your craftsmanship no matter what new tools come into your hands.


We started running welding courses in MMA (stick welding) in collaboration with the citizens' school in the autumn of 2015. About a hundred welding tests have been added and as many welding test certificates have been issued! It has been a mixed bag of participants, everything from those who have never welded to those who want to complete the CV with a welding certificate. In March, a beginners course and an advanced course began. Another course starts in April. It is great fun with the great interest in the welding courses and that the participants are satisfied!


What did we do in March? Blue group completed the work in kv Stora Katrineberg where inspection of the parties is ongoing. So far we have managed without remarks and the customer TL Bygg is super satisfied. The assembly of the flat steel for Lidingödepån and the Kv Kättingen wind conversion was completed. Furthermore, the group continued with the shaft for Kv Hilton and mounted forging for a handicap lift. Completion forging in the rebuilding of Danderyds hospital soft-started. Arne and Bahman keep the scaffolding out on the construction site. The group also made a few turns to On Track in Älvsjö to help NCC weld pillars. The group also started with diversions to a wind on Strandvägen. The green group continued with the barrier kiosk in Jakobsberg. They supplemented with ladders and grid flooring for the chamber house in Vårby. The group manufactured castings prior to the delivery of the elevator shaft to the National Museum and continued with copper cladding of the lots for the Housewife. Furthermore, the group did the "spring" recurring forging assembly for Café Opera's outdoor restaurant.

The red group worked with wine places for Magnusson Fine Wine, brass lots for Lunda hotel and the steel / glass section for Blanchegatan. The night work in Sturegallerian continued with the assembly of sections and sheet metal walls. The yellow group continued at KTH. Funny to hear that Javier started showing what he stands for! Furthermore, the group manufactured and assembled a door section and manufactured a railing to be assembled next week. The service guys had a lot of work around Greater Stockholm. They did a great job and all the customers were happy!


Make as many 5 S improvements as you can in April. Take on the mezzanine plane's challenge and you might be the 5 S winner of the month. The mezzanine plane took its second victory in March and now wants some resistance!

Nice weekend! Remember to leave petrol cards and keys before the weekend!  


  • Thursday 6 April at 18.00 course start MMA step 1. Course leader: Nathem Karim
  • Maundy Thursday 13 April working hours 06.30-13.15 (6 h)
  • Tuesday 18 April last application day for summer vacation
  • Thursday 20 April at 06.30-10.30 massage / chiropractor (lunch room floor 2)
  • Friday 21 April announcement of summer vacation
  • Friday 21 April at 12.00 5 S-meeting for the management team
  • Monday 24 April APL start for 2 participants from the Steel Builder Training (Supervisor wanted)
  • Tuesday 25 May salary payment
  • Tuesday 25 April sales training via Arndt`s at 17.30-21.00
  • Friday 28 April working hours 06: 30-13.15 - day before the first of May (6 h)
  • Friday 28 April at 12.30 Grand Meeting 5 S
  • Monday 1 May closed - free!
  • 5 S-meetings in the groups every Friday at 13.45
  • Project manager meeting every Friday at 09.15 in the large conference room

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