Monthly newsletter April 2017

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The whole of Stockholm is like a construction site and it is full of shops! It is going well now and also for LUNDGRENS. The first quarter showed fantastic figures and the March result landed at about SEK 1.5 million! It's great this early in the year and it feels extra fun considering that the result for 2016 was only SEK 600,000. We hope that the positive trend will continue. Many thanks to everyone who fought and contributed! Without you we would not succeed so well!


In April, Oskar started as a fitter in team Adam. Jimmy H and Ser-Od from the steel builder education started their APL.

To cope with the pressure, we need to further strengthen the force. The recruitment of blacksmiths, fitters and project managers continues. In nine out of ten cases, the difference is between a successful recruitment and a less successful candidate's attitude and attitude to the job. That is, how the candidate fits into the gang and how he or she takes on his or her duties. It never has to do with a resume. We are looking for people who share our vision and our values. We are looking for skilled employees who can contribute to our development.

Just before the turn of the year, Yosef H took the step and took over responsibility for the workshop, customer reception and small orders. He made a brilliant effort and quickly started running projects. Berhane will now relieve him of the responsibility for the workshop in order to provide you and our customers with even better service.


Working at Lundgren's involves working with many different types of projects, both in size and in character. We always strive to achieve the best results and exceed customer expectations. It requires teams with a strong community and a culture characterized by commitment, interest, technical know-how and cooperation. The vision is for LUNDGRENS to become a place for skilled people in different areas to collaborate. The goal is for everyone to be able to control their everyday life and influence their development and work situation. It should be fun and meaningful to go to work.


It is starting to tighten up for wage negotiations. The union will arrive in early May to review the new agreement. Then there will be a salary negotiation. Those who want a salary interview will be able to book it before the new salaries are set. The goal is for the new salaries to be paid with the midsummer salary. Employee interviews will be held after the holidays.


When there is a lot to do, it is important to have something fun to look forward to. All applications for holidays this summer are approved. In June, LUNDGRENS plans workshops in our initiative with 5 S. The day will end with our annual summer party. Also, remember to plan your team trips.


April was an intense month. Blue group continued to work with Kv Hilton with the manufacture of two smaller mezzanine floors. They also received an additional order for forging for a fresh air shaft. Furthermore, the group continued with some smaller projects and began with the expansion of the container garage at Jästbolaget. They made edge supports in aluminum around trees at Ärvingeskolan for SAH Projekt AB. Furthermore, they received a number of smaller service jobs for Ebab. We hope that this will result in a longer collaboration. In May, production and installation of reinforcements in stairwells in project Kv Kabeln will begin. Adams team worked with completion forging. The team mounted MR plates and lighting equipment as well as attached steel frames above the suspended ceiling that will attach medical equipment. There is a lot of work and new challenges waiting! With the positive attitude, strong community, technical knowledge and skilled employees in the team, they will achieve a very good result!

The green group were almost finished with the barrier kiosk in Jakobsberg and they started with two barrier kiosks at Södra Station. They also started assembling the glass railings inside Nordea. The project also includes seven parties. Furthermore, the group welded a stainless steel elevator shaft to be delivered to the National Museum. The glass is Hammerglass and the shaft must be covered with oxidized brass. Furthermore, the group continued with the parties to the Housewife. The red grouphelped with Husfrun and worked with brass parts for Lunda hotel. They made sauna parties for villa Mörk and continued with the wall in Sturegallerian. In addition to this, they made furnishings for a café for Janax Snickeri.

The yellow group continued with the teaching house at KTH. The project started last autumn with grid flooring, cladding of windows and installation of plates and grids. There will be galvanized sheets and moldings around all windows and sheets and grilles. The project is scheduled to be completed in June. Furthermore, the group made railings, balcony railings and window grilles. In May, spiral stairs await, among other things. The service guys were busy with various service work. They received training in special hinges for doors.

Thank you for taking the time to read! Happy Valborg and 1st of May!


Thursday 18 May at 06.30-10.30 massage / chiropractor (lunch room floor 2)

Friday 19 May at 12.00 5 S-meeting for the management team

Wednesday 24 May salary payment

Wednesday 24 May at 06.30-13.15 6 h (day before Ascension Day)

Friday 26 May free (squeeze day - Ascension Day)

Tuesday 30 May sales training via Arndt`s at 17.30-21.00

Friday 2 June at 13.30 Stormöte 5 S

5 S-meetings in the groups every Friday at 13.45

Project manager meeting every Friday at 09.15 in the large conference room


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