Monthly newsletter January 2018

Everyday life returned and the joint journey towards the goal of 100 million in turnover and a profitability of at least 10 % in 2020 began. The result in 2017 was proof that we do the right things and that more and more customers want our help and that you do a good job!

The year began in a way that we recognize from previous years. Jobs decreased and some days it is a challenge to find meaningful employment for everyone. It feels a little shaky! As the days get brighter, it will loosen up and instead become a sweaty challenge to get the resources enough. High peaks and valleys, that's what it usually looks like. It will continue if we continue to do as we have always done. Something we can get better at is setting aside time for sales even when there is high pressure. In return, we will have a more even workload, avoid worrying in the valleys and earn more money. So try to keep the sales pitch up!



The project management team recently visited Eddings Smide to visit the staff, see the machine park and hear more about how they work. We see that Eddings has an enormous potential with talented employees and a workshop where there is opportunity to grow. 

Our ambition is for LUNDGRENS and Eddings to grow in different directions and for Eddings to continue to operate as an independent unit. We want to broaden the customer base for increased growth. In the valleys, we must help each other and make use of each other's resources. Initially, Eddings needs to speed up sales, which they today have a hard time keeping up with. Riyam therefore began to help count on jobs. In January, Eddings launched our project management system Next. It opened doors for greater flexibility and better control of the projects.



At the turn of the year, Micke S switched to full-time project management. With his enormous knowledge in forging, courage and willingness to do a good job, he got into the new role very quickly. In January, he received a large order for security doors! Riyam also rang the order bell when she sold a large batch to Liljeholmen. She also got a railing job for Järfälla municipality for Eddings. Congratulations!! It's great to see their selling spirit!



We started the year by hiring Tom as a project manager in glass. He has extensive experience in glass and has previously worked as a supervisor and site manager in various glass projects.

We are always looking for wonderful people with a good attitude and who want to be part of LUNDGRENS. So even if we do not have any vacancies out there, an expression of interest is always welcome! In the future, we will need to expand the force with more supervisors, blacksmiths & fitters and sharp project managers.



The mezzanine plane took home this year's first 5 S victory with the most and best (!) Improvements. In the midst of the joy of victory, they called for a little tougher resistance. So do you accept the challenge to take home the next 5 S victory?



What a great feeling it was when invoicing broke records in January! 

The new year meant that the cost responsibility was divided as follows:

  • Workshop (tools, machines, bearings, consumables) - Affe
  • Cars (purchase, repairs, operation) - Affe
  • Gas - Fuad
  • Work clothes (incl. Protective equipment and laundry) - Yosef H
  • Staff (salaries and other staff costs) - Johanna
  • Operations & Premises (premises, property, insurance, electricity, cleaning, etc.) - Jurgita

ALL purchases must be made in consultation with the person responsible for costs.



In January, we bought another work car blue team and a new truck with a crane. No more car purchases are planned this year, so now we must take care of the cars in the best way. Canon that you handed in car keys and fuel cards at the end of the working day. Continue to empty the cars of machines and tools. Also remember to mark with an AO number or customer and the responsible project manager if you place something outside the workshop office. When you receive goods on the farm, you must notify Affe or Fuad for more efficient handling of customer jobs.



Blue team struggled in the new emergency room at Danderyd Hospital with a lot of alterations and additional work. As before, they made a cruel effort! Furthermore, the team completed the forging work for Skeppströms Byggnads. They started building a mezzanine floor on Södermalm for TL Bygg. There were also some minor forging jobs and additions to kv Hilton.    

The green team continued with the parties on Drottninggatan and to Husfrun. The work with the glass parts in Handen rolled on. Furthermore, the team did some work for ML Demo, gates and installation of door closers. They were almost finished with the forging on Grev Turegatan. The team also installed glass sections for Gustavsson & Son Byggnads on Kungsgatan. They also made balcony railings and diversions into a tenant-owner association. In February, two simpler variants of barrier kiosk fronts await Slussen.

From the winter rush into the heat of the workshop. The red team bent aluminum tubes for a prototype for the manufacture of golf carts. The manufactured frames in brass for glass art at Karolinska Hospital and three railings in brass in antique style. Furthermore, the team made a glass counter for a pizzeria, a cover in clover plate for a ventilation unit and an exclusive wrought iron railing for an apartment in the city. They installed sliding doors to a closet and started manufacturing the security doors.

Gula team got off to a good start in the new year. They finished the production of the pergola and a stainless steel railing for On Track in Älvsjö. They tore down a staircase and made glass doors and a lattice gate. The gang also helped in Sébastien's project Turbinhallen Järla sjö, SSM's housing project, where they manufactured and installed railings and supervisors. The service guys performed various service work as usual. In February, door installation and installation of railings and a staircase in Käppala treatment plant awaits. In Älvsjö, the pergola will be installed and hopefully the sound wall will be glazed. Riyam's project for a preschool in Bandhagen starts where the team will start assembling the canopy and a staircase.

We have many interesting quotes out there that we are waiting for answers. Ruggedly exciting! Just as it is, we are working for high pressure again!


Current dates in January 2018

  • Thursday 1 February massage at 06.30 - 10.30 in the lunch room floor 1
  • Friday 9 February at 13.30 Grand Meeting
  • Tuesday 13 February at 14.00 semmelfika
  • Friday 23 February salary payment
  • 5 S - the improvement factory every Friday at 13.45 (notify your group leader if you can not come)
  • Planning meeting every Friday at 10.00 in the large conference room