Handmade wrought iron railing

An outdoor railing forged for a villa in Stockholm is complete. We manufactured the railing in our forging workshop and then assembled it on site. We made railings for the patio at the entrance, pillars, stair railings and a balcony railing.

Wrought iron railings

A nice railing lifts your entire home and increases the value of the home. Railings forging is both smooth and maintenance-free. They can be adapted and combined in several different ways based on your needs and wishes. You can get it in older or more modern style. Wrought iron railings can be mounted and attached to various materials such as wood, concrete, brick and stone. You can have them painted in the color you want. Our railings are of high quality and security. We are happy to help with the assembly.

We make railings all year round for the balcony, patio, stairs, etc. Contact us if you want a free quote for anbud@smide.com


We at Lundgrens can offer most things in steel, glass and wrought iron constructions. We have over 65 years of experience and broad industry knowledge and can therefore offer the best solutions according to your needs. We have a fully equipped workshop in Sundbyberg and we can provide good and fast service. Today, more than 50 people work at Lundgren's, 40 skilled blacksmiths & fitters and 14 project managers. Our business areas are forging, glass and metal sections, furnishings and construction service.

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Feel free to contact us if you want a free proposal. You can send your request to anbud@smide.com or fill in the following form https://www.lundgrenab.se/kontakt/. If you want to talk to one of our project managers, you can call us on 08-684 118 00.

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