2020-09 Monthly newsletter September 2020 - everything in forging & glass

This year's strategy day at the archipelago pearl Idöborg was a highlight and also a bit of a thriller out on the lake. 

Our project managers met recently Idöborg to discuss vision, goals and strategy. We exchanged experiences between the companies and got to know each other, new and old colleagues.

That we have a shared vision and work towards the same goal is important for us to be able to do successful business. This leads to a greater commitment, a stronger community and an increased shared responsibility for us to achieve our goals. 

Having fun when we create sustainable forging & world-class glass! 

We look ahead and focus on opportunities for increased growth and better profitability. Here are some points we will work on on the way there:

  • COMMUNITYteamwork makes the dream work! Different strengths, behaviors, skills and experiences lead to success. Getting to know each other strengthens the we-feeling and results in us working better together to achieve the goals. But, above all, the job becomes more fun! 
  • SATISFIED PEOPLE - when we get to do what we think is fun and skilled at, we become the most productive and efficient. Passion in turn brings joy. So if we take advantage of the will and expertise that exists, we can deliver world-class forging & glass. We can also expand the range of goods and services for today's and tomorrow's needs. 
  • CREATE SOLUTIONS - with a happy mood, we will take on challenges and take responsibility for our own and the business's situation. It is allowed to make mistakes! We learn and find new opportunities to get better. If we have a positive attitude, look up and see new opportunities, we will solve most things.
  • QUALITY AND SUSTAINABILITY - our ambition is to deliver good quality in efficient production. We will also work actively for increased consideration for the environment and reduced climate impact through climate-smart solutions and recycling. 

When the gang's team spirit was put to the test

To further strengthen the team spirit, we broke off with a joint kayaking. Some hesitated but eventually followed. It all started well with great kayaking in a beautiful archipelago environment and radiant sun. Then it suddenly blew up and everything changed from peaceful paddling to chaos.

It was tough to get ahead in the waves and a big challenge to keep the group together. Soon one of the participants overturned with his "steady" kayak while another got stuck on a cliff. Shortly afterwards, he too overturned in the cold water. The group's ability to work together and team spirit were put to the test. In the end, with the help of the guide and pepper from the group, they managed to get back in emptied kayaks and paddle on towards the goal, wet and frozen. Ruggedly nice to come ashore and I do not think that a hot sauna and a beer can sit as nicely at some point as after this trip.

What a fighting spirit

I was taken by the fighting spirit in the group. Seeing their ability to solve new situations and work together towards the goal was impressive. Together we will be unbeatable! 

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