Welding event for the Steel Construction Institute's steel network

It was a successful welding event for the Steel Construction Institute's (SBI's) steel network for young designers. During the network meeting, 25 young designers got to try welding of nodes and discuss execution and design with experienced blacksmiths and project managers in forging & glass. During the evening, there was lots of welding, food and networking with exchanges of experience.

Something that the designers are thinking about a bit is what the smallest angle is that can be welded in general. In some cases, they may forget this… The participants therefore had to do a welding exercise with a 60 degree node that illustrated this. They can then have the exercise as a reference to see how close you get with a welding nozzle. The participants also received tips and advice based on our experiences and what they can think of that facilitates our work in the workshop and out on the construction site.

Read more about welding of nodes in the article about this in the magazine Stålbyggnad.

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