Monthly newsletter July 2020 - everything in forging & glass

Some toil like an animal while others laze! 

To toil like an animal

The holidays are now in full swing for most people, some are already back and some lucky cheeses have a wonderful holiday ahead of them. Summer is an important time for rest and recovery and hopefully we will all enjoy sun, warmth and honest rest! 

A summer greeting from us in the forging workshop

The job is what you make it and here is a summer greeting from our happy gang that is on site throughout the summer. Skilled blacksmiths who help to make forge and glass world class. They make wrought iron railings, drawers in stainless steel, exclusive mirror frames and bed frames in brass, specially ordered glass sections clad in copper etc. Skilled welders are working on an old barge that is being transformed into a modern maritime safety center in Värtahamnen. In addition, we train future students drilling technician in welding. Lundgren's largest entrance party of all time is also in place in the new Tramway Museum. In other words, it's full and it's just how it should be! 

We look forward

It was a tough first half year. Challenges that took turns and new situations that we quickly had to adapt to. Since the first half of the year lays the foundation for the continued year, it feels good that it is pointing in the right direction right now. What we are struggling with is starting to yield results with increased sales and better numbers. We are a wonderful team that fights together! The days offer many wonderful laughs, although one or two frustrations of course sometimes appear. 

August is at the door

The weeks run away and now August is at the door. It means new days and we look forward to an autumn packed with world-class forging & glass! Registration is open for the autumn welding courses. We have several exciting ones Job out in both Stockholm and Norrköping. So help us tip, share or why not yourself search a new challenge ?? Do not miss this summer's unbeatable campaign pizza steel. Baking pizza is a fun activity for the whole family when the weather disappears. And, when the sun is shining, you can put it on the grill and fry divinely good fish, meat and vegetables.

 Hope you have a nice summer!


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