MONTHLY LETTER NOVEMBER 2020 - everything in forging & glass

In our monthly letter November 2020, the month of the past and a little of what is going on are summarized. In these times of canceled meetings and events, it feels even more important.

Be ready for the final sprint

Now we step into a real final sprint before it's time to tie the knot for this year. It's just how exciting it is and the month of December can be absolutely crucial. Projects to be completed. Quotes to go in and exciting deals that we hope we win. To succeed, it is necessary that we do it together.

Here are the project managers' best tips for success:

  • Attendance and commitment - be present and well acquainted with the job to be performed. That is when we can solve problems quickly.
  • Work smart and use the time - plan the job and involve everyone involved so that we can work time- and cost-effectively throughout the working day.
  • Ensure- make sure that everyone understands the task, roles and the goal (time, budget, results). When everyone becomes aware, it is easier to take responsibility.
  • Control and follow-up - keep track of the financial situation.
  • Make sure you have fun - it leads to well-being, better health and that we become happier.

After a successful Black Friday, we charge for the Christmas shopping

Black Friday's prize party offered a cruel sale of, above all, ours Pizza steel. This put a strong end to November's sales of ours webshop products

The Christmas rush is soon underway and we are recharging and refilling the warehouse! Are you looking for Christmas presents? Then it's ours Pizza steel for the perfect pizza a hot Christmas gift tip for the whole fat family, friends and family. Or why not to the company's customers or employees? At a great price, you get a good Christmas present that gives both new experiences and flavors. In addition, a Christmas present that will come in handy for all home evenings right now. To alleviate the Christmas stress, we can send your order directly to the Christmas gift recipient. Another appreciated gift is a gift card on one welding course.

Opening hours this Christmas

All applications for holidays in the holidays are granted. We will be open as usual but close a little earlier the day before evening and holiday. You can see our opening hours here

New lunch value 2021

For you with an Edenred lunch benefit card, we increase the lunch value according to the recommended value to SEK 107 / day.

Time for wage negotiations

It is time for a salary revision and negotiations with the union are booked on 7 December. The new the contract value is 5.4 % over 29 months. At the first hearing is the salary pot 2.7 % and you are guaranteed to receive at least SEK 485 in salary increase. When assessing your new salary, we take into account tasks (responsibility and degree of difficulty), work results, commitment, cooperation and performance in relation to Lundgren's goals and vision.

Vision: "Having fun when we create sustainable forging and world-class glass". 

Keywords: Community - Satisfied people - Solve problems - Sustainability & quality

→ increased sales and better profitability



We at Lundgrens offer most things in steel, glass and wrought iron constructions. With almost 70 years of experience and broad knowledge, you can get good solutions based on your needs and wishes. We have fully equipped workshops in Bromma, Järfälla and Norrköping and can therefore provide good and fast service. Today, over 50 people work with us. Our business areas are forgeglass and metal sectionsfurnishings and servicesmide. We also arrange welding courses.

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