Finally Monday

The weekend went fast and it's finally Monday, again! That's how it feels when I come to work and see what speed it is in our forging workshop Bromma. Right now, many blacksmiths are in to help with the production of various forges for a larger special forging job. A group manufactures specially ordered entrance parties. Copper plates are patinated, which we then have to cover the underside of a canopy with. We also make forging for luminaires. In addition, it manufactures some other wrought iron railings and patio railings. Another blacksmith is renovating park benches. Everyone is fighting to deliver a good project to a satisfied customer!

Baking / pizza steel breaks new records!

Nice that the warehouse is replenished with new ones back / pizza steel which are packaged and sent across Sweden and also to Norway and Denmark. They have really become popular and we are breaking new sales records all the time! A baking / pizza steel is a hot tip for an Easter gift! Or a tip on a good activity to do with loved ones at Easter. I myself was inspired by a previous customer who this weekend shared pictures of his burgers.

Hamburger on pizza steel Photo Ronnie Matsson

Misa young learns to weld

After lunch came Misa ung to continue his welding course. On six occasions, they get an introduction and try the welding methods TIG, MIG / MAG and MMA. Young talents!

Welding course Misa Ung

The search for a foreman

Some project managers tweet that they have some new projects underway, which feels very exciting. The recruitment of a work manager is in progress and some interesting applications have already been received. But it is not too late to apply for the job. So submit one application you with or tip if you know someone who you think is suitable for the service. A fun and exciting service!

Together we solve all types of forging work and build something unique in the industry!

Vacancy manager


LUNDGRENS SMIDE - Forging & glass since 1952

Lundgrens Smide offers most of the steel, glass and wrought iron constructions to both construction companies and private individuals. We do most things within construction forging, glass and metal sectionsinterior forging and servicesmide and also organizes welding courses. We have focused on forging and glass work where we can contribute our expertise and provide suggestions for technical solutions. Our ambition is to always deliver good projects to a satisfied customer.

 We have fully equipped workshops in Bromma and Järfälla and can therefore provide good and fast service. Over 50 people work with us.  

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