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Two years ago we bought ours forging workshop in Bromma. The actual moving load went a few months later and since 2020 we have conducted our business in the new workshop. And, as we thrive! On the one hand, there is a lot of space, and on the other hand, it is so powerful to be able to create a workshop that we want it to be. In addition, there are good opportunities to grow in the new premises and we are more tagged than ever to take on new challenges. 

Inside the forging workshop

We have focused on advanced forging and glass jobs according to each customer's unique needs. When our project managers plan and our blacksmiths carry out the work, long-term experience of forging is combined and we can thus deliver complete solutions together. 

Inside the workshop, our blacksmiths bend, weld, turn, mill and roll fully. They can actually fix most things - genuine craftsmanship at its best! Right now we manufacture steel glass sections, brackets, slender wrought iron gates, a welding cabinet, etc. Some take the opportunity to test drive the new truck while our apprentice Tom and our trainees learn new tasks. That the interest in learning to weld is great is noticeable in our welding courses and events. The pressure is increasing which is great fun! 

Others are out and help our customers with assembly and installation of our products. Both at construction sites and at private individuals. 

Slamming wrought iron gate in place

A cruel workforce

Being able to help our customers quickly is important to us. Therefore, we ensure that we have a large and competent staff that is available when our customers need us. The fact that we are centrally located also contributes to us being able to provide fast service to our customers. We want to offer our customers the best! And we have a great staff and good capacity to be able to take on more forging jobs. So it's just you contact us if you need help with anything.

Friday feeling

When nice music is played in the speakers, the Friday feeling occurs. At regular intervals, someone shouts with a beautiful voice and makes some nice moves on the workshop floor. When there is a rush the pizza steel it is noticeable that it is Friday. Because there are many who will bake pizza and smash burgers. As always, we end the week with 5 S before it's time to take a weekend off. At our 5 S meetings, we work systematically to create an even better and more pleasant work environment for our employees.

Here are some pictures from our nice workshop and what we are doing right now. Feel free to come in and have a look. Just so you know, we serve gofika on Fridays 😋. So welcome here!

Lundgrens Smides verkstad
Welcome to our forging workshop in Bromma


LUNDGRENS SMIDE - Forging & glass since 1952

Our goal is to always deliver good projects to a satisfied customer!

Lundgrens Smide offers most of the steel, glass and wrought iron constructions to both construction companies and private individuals. We do most things within construction forging, glass and metal sectionsinterior forging and servicesmide and also organizes welding courses. Lundgren is happy to perform advanced forging and glass work where we contribute our expertise and provide suggestions for technical solutions. And, you probably did not miss our bestsellers back / pizza steel and grill press?

 We have fully equipped workshops in both Bromma and Järfälla and can therefore provide good and fast service. Over 50 people work with us.  

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Feel free to contact us if you want a free proposal. You can also send your request to anbud@smide.com or fill in this form. If you want to talk to one of our project managers, you can call us  08-684 118 00.