Nice Valborg!

Celebrating Valborg and warming up in front of the May box while the men's choir sings in the spring will not be the case this year. But to celebrate spring we can still do. To bring out the grill and test baking / food / pizza steel as a frying pan is a hot tip. Heat it and fry fresh spring vegetables. Or why not smash a good burger? If you do not have a smasher, you can use the bottom of a saucepan. A smashed burger is about getting the best possible surface. Thanks to the meat surface having direct contact with the hot steel, it becomes juicy, tasty and crunchy on the outside. Called maillard reaction ie a chemical reaction occurs between carbohydrates and amino acids in the meat and it becomes golden brown and caramelized.

In goal

April has been an intense month and has meant hard work for many of us. Therefore, it feels good that together we managed to finish some of the projects!

Exclusive wrought iron details, cladding with copper, metal glass sections, portals, stands, etc. are a bit of what kept us busy. The baking / pizza steel breaks new sales records and the pressure on welding prices increases.

Now we welcome beautiful May and look forward to new exciting projects to put your teeth into!

Nice walpurgis!

And, keep the alcohol safe and secure!



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