Now we are welding in Bromma and in Africa

That we do so many different things is something that characterizes Lundgren's and that I think is very fun! Everything from exclusive entrances and security doors to pizza steel and welding in Africa. Getting new challenging tasks, big and small, at least gives me a boost of new energy and that it is fun to work.

In another part of the world

In Burundi, the Eezer gang is setting up a small workshop to manufacture 48 ambulances locally. Now some of our old workbenches and machines are in place in the workshop. 

The production of the wagons is in full swing. To get the carriages ready on time, the gang works almost around the clock. They also educate local people on how to build the wagons. When the prams are finished, they will go to clinics in Burundi to reduce maternal mortality, which is a major problem. The long-term goal is for all women in rural Africa to be able to go to a clinic to give birth in a safe and cost-effective way. 

During the week, the gang also followed up the crew that was delivered in the south Burundi two years ago. The prams are used to transport pregnant mothers to clinics when it is time to give birth. There are two women who went from the small village clinic to a larger clinic to deliver the children with an urgent caesarean section. The carriages made it possible to get around on difficult roads in life-threatening conditions. It was a matter of life or death and in these cases they arrived on time. We hope that the wagons will be used extensively in the future and save even more lives.

The team consists of the forging entrepreneurs Stefan and Richard, Eezer's passionate Lars, the mechanical engineer Magnus and the motorcycle builder Dennis. What heroes!

Eezer is a project that is close to our hearts and which is one of our most important projects. Because it is an indescribable feeling to be able to participate and make the world a little better. We all thank Lundgren for that because it is you who make this possible! And, I feel very proud of our work!

Eezer and Burundi

At the same time in Bromma

Right now we manufacture various forging products in our forging workshop in Bromma. Autumn welding courses has started with tagged participants who want to learn how to weld or develop their welding skills. Our new project managers Lasse and Mattias are in place, so now we have the capacity to take on more forging jobs. Here's a sampling of what we're doing right now.


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