• Changed opening hours on Sweden's National Day
    Due to Sweden's national day, we have changed opening hours. Today we close at 1pm and tomorrow we are closed and celebrate Sweden's National Day. On Friday, June 7, we are giving our staff extra time off. We'll be back as usual again on Monday. as our regular opening hours are: Monday to Thursday at 06.30 - 15.45 … Read more
  • End of MMA welder test course
    Today, the spring MMA welder test course ends with a practical welding test. Before the welding test, the participants have agreed with the course leader which type of test they will take. An accredited welding inspector is on site to supervise the testing. The inspector assesses whether the welder's meets the requirements in accordance with the current standard. If the result is approved, a personal welder test certificate is issued. All participants were … Read more
  • Corporate Championship in football
    Today we are fighting in the corporate soccer championship! The Corporate Championship in soccer takes place at the Stadshagens IP in Stockholm. It's a happy and wonderful group that competes to become Sweden's best company in football. The tournament begins with a group game in the morning and is then followed up with a final game. All teams advance to A- … Read more
  • Preschool Stångavägen – spiral stairs, railings, safety cages etc
    Here you can read more about the Preschool Stångavägen project, which is a project that is in its final phase. A project that has been ongoing in 2023/2024. Lundgrens Smide delivers complete solutions and specializes in advanced forging jobs. During our years in forging & glass, we have made many products and projects in different areas. Our business areas are building forging, … Read more
  • Short work week
    Short work week again! Today we close at 1pm and we will be back again on Monday 13 May at 06.30. This week, among other things, we have made protective products as a group manufactures protective windows for Österåkersanstalten. We have a team that is in Borlänge and assembles hundreds of running meters of railings for Campus Borlänge. Manufacture of exclusive … Read more
  • We wish you a pleasant Valborg!
    We wish you a pleasant Valborg! On the eve of the Walpurgis fair on April 30, we close the workshop at 1 p.m. We will be back on site Thursday 2 May at 06.30. Celebrating Valborg and warming up in front of the majkas while the men's choir sings spring is a special feeling. It spreads a feeling of hope and anticipation for the brighter time … Read more
  • What a lovely end to the week
    What a lovely end to the week it was with the big meeting and afterwork. About once a month, we gather all the staff to talk about both what has been and what is to come. Today all 5 S groups got to tell and show how they work with order and order in their 5 S groups. Lundgrens always strives for … Read more
  • Final sprint in Lundgren's sustainability competition
    Who does the most for the environment at Lundgrens? It's a tough final sprint in Lundgren's sustainability competition and now it's decided who does the most for the environment at Lundgren's. Reducing the negative environmental impact is important to us. To increase both commitment and activity for sustainability, we organized a sustainability competition. Both small and large efforts … Read more
  • Happy Easter!
    Happy Easter! Easter is the holiday of sweets and a welcome break in everyday life when we get time to spend with loved ones. Lundgren's is like an Easter egg filled to the brim with both forging and glass. We carry out (eat) many different types of projects (candy) both in size and character. The work offers great variety (varieties of sweets) … Read more
  • The welding skills to the test
    Today we will put our welding skills to the test. It's time for the welder's test and the guys take the test on the assembly line. A total of 22 samples! TIG, MMA and MIG/MAG, both butt joint and butt joint in different positions. The welding inspector is on site He must monitor and assess that the requirements are met in accordance with the current standard. The welding inspector then performs a visual … Read more
  • Now a group of future drilling technicians will learn to weld!
    The welding module for a group of future drilling technicians is in full swing. Around the welding table are a bunch of future drilling technicians who just started the welding module in MMA welding (stick welding) on Monday. It is our experienced welder Samer who teaches the drilling technicians to weld in welding position PC lying vertically (pipe standing). A goal that the participants must achieve after completing the course. It is truly an honor … Read more
  • Tailor a welding course to suit you
    We have a wide range of courses in welding, but it doesn't always suit your needs. That's why we offer tailor-made welding courses that are adapted to your needs. We are specialists in tailoring a welding course that is adapted to strengthen your welding skills. Whether you are a beginner or want to develop your welding skills, our … Read more
  • Wine rack wall back in stock
    Now wine rack wall 6 is back in stock. So take the opportunity to buy this affordable and stylish wine rack in our webshop. Smart wine storage that also suits you who want to display your favorite wines in a stylish way. Wine rack 6 bottles is made of untreated steel. It fits in most environments and is a nice … Read more
  • Cool on the roof
    It's chilly on the roof when we make a stand for a cooling machine. A project where we will extend a stand for a refrigerator. The blacksmiths started by fixing the beams in our workshop. Then they dismantled the old generator before the assembly of the beams started. There was some welding and drilling before the cooling machine was motored … Read more
  • 2023 A real record year!
    What a year we are leaving behind! A real record year! We have almost doubled our turnover again this year. It is a completely magical feeling to reach the goal of SEK 150 million in turnover. In addition, we have succeeded in carrying out Lundgren Smides' biggest project of all time. Historical records in Lundgren's 70-year history that are worth celebrating! As … Read more
  • Merry Christmas happy new year!
    We wish you a Merry Christmas at Lundgrens Smide. An exciting year is coming to an end and we can state that it has been a fantastic year. We are growing like crazy and it is thanks to all of you who work with us, customers and suppliers who make this possible! Our opening hours We are open as … Read more
  • A vital day
    It was a fun and vital day when the Navigation Group trained us in First Aid & CPR. The training was adapted to our work environment. We gained both theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to act during a crisis situation. Everyone at Lundgrens participated. Being able to act quickly is crucial for survival and rehabilitation. We need to have that knowledge … Read more
  • Lundgren & Edding's annual Christmas party
    Last Friday, it was finally time for Lundgren & Edding's annual Christmas party. An evening of mulled wine, mingle and Christmas party with the best gang! We gathered at Josefinas in a sparkling winter paradise at the Royal Djurgården. A Christmas table with classics and good specialties was served there. The atmosphere was at its best and happy laughter rang out in the room. What a lovely bunch … Read more
  • Satisfied customers on TIG welding course
    Satisfied customers from Thursday's TIG welding course: "I just wanted to say that we are very happy with the course, we got a lot of knowledge and practice yesterday. Marco was pleasant and easy to deal with and seemed to have solid knowledge. 5 out of 5 possible.” Last Thursday we organized a specially adapted TIG welding course in aluminum where the participants received … Read more
  • Black week is on with a 50 % discount on welding courses!
    Black week is on and this week we are offering a whopping 50 % discount on our welding courses. Do like many others, learn to weld with us! Or why not refresh your skills? We have several different courses in TIG, MIG/MAG and MMA welding at different levels and course lengths. You can find the spring courses here. Take advantage of our unique offer … Read more
  • Renovation of courtyard
    Here are the guys who help with the construction when a courtyard on Frejgatan in town is to be completely renovated. They weld and assemble steel beams and foot plates. It is Lawab that we have been honored to help in this project. Lawab is a professional when it comes to renovating courtyards! If you need help? Need help … Read more
  • Happy Halloween
    Happy Halloween may this day bring you positive excitement in your life! It's best to put the big bowl of treats in front of you so you don't risk being exposed to a prank! Many of our blacksmiths are in the forge workshop today and the atmosphere is at its best! They weld, cut, grind when they manufacture forged products. Right now they do … Read more
  • Fantastic work by Brothers Eddings Smithy!
    A fantastic job by Bröderna Eddings Smide is complete. Last Tuesday was the inauguration of the Jubilee Bridge and the new lift at the Nordic Museum. It was on the museum's 150th birthday that Culture Minister Parisa Liljestrand inaugurated the Jubilee Bridge and the new lift. The Eddings brothers were of course there. The jubilee bridge has white-painted steel profiles and consists of chain links, vertical braces and a … Read more
  • New employees to the forging team
    Here we have Ylber, who is our latest addition to the blacksmith team. Right now, he manufactures exclusive wrought iron railings. He works efficiently and is also quality conscious. In addition, he is pleasant and easy to work with. Hiring people with the right knowledge and a good attitude is important for us to achieve our goals. Next week is coming … Read more
  • Now we mount the internal stairs
    Now we are installing the internal staircase in the new Bauhaus department store at Bromma Blocks. Once we are done with the interior stairs we will continue with foot plates for a roof sign to be attached through the exterior roof. We have also installed external Weland stairs, which you can read about here. Fast help? Anders Byggare AB contacted us at the end … Read more
  • The boys on lift training
    Today, a group of blacksmiths were on lift training. It was time to renew their lift pass. The goal of lift training is to minimize the number of accidents and incidents in connection with lifts. When we are out on construction sites to assemble forging and glass products, we often use lifts. Then it is important to think about safety and have the knowledge to … Read more
  • We are now assembling stairs for Bauhuaus in Bromma
    Right now we are installing Weland stairs for the new Bauhaus department store at Bromma Blocks. The new Bauhaus department store will open in late autumn at the same time as the old department store closes down. Anders Byggare AB contacted us at the end of August and we were quickly on site. Three assemblers are on site and assemble four external escape stairs and one … Read more
  • Celebrating new records
    We end the week by celebrating new records in Lundgren's 70-year history. We have now passed half the year and it has been both exciting and eventful. Our vision is that we should have fun together when we create world-class forging & glass! We always strive to have satisfied employees and do a good project … Read more
  • Final exam for the drilling technicians
    Today was the time for the future drilling technicians to take the final exam. The participants have completed the basic welding course between August 7 and September 5, 2023 with the following content: The course includes 100 study hours of practical welding and is a module in the Drilling Technician training. The course consists of theory, practical welding technology and methods that are adapted to the target group. … Read more
  • An eventful autumn awaits
    Now the entire workforce is back after the holidays and we have an eventful autumn ahead of us. Many exciting projects that are underway and projects that are on the way. Growth continues and new records await. During the autumn, we will strengthen Lundgrens with another project manager. Our ongoing projects Right now we have several projects underway where we are … Read more
  • Facade plate
    Manufacturing and assembly of specially adapted facade sheet (wall sheet) according to the customer's wishes. Client: JSB construktion Project year: 2023 **********************************LUNDGRENS SMIDE – Forging & glass since 1952Satisfied customers & employees A Lundgrens Smide offers the most in steel, glass and forged constructions and has over 70 years of experience in manufacturing and assembly. We deliver complete end-to-end solutions and have targeted ourselves … Read more
  • Now the drilling technicians will learn to weld!
    The welding table is loaded with welds, pickaxes, metal brushes, welding electrodes, etc. It is truly an honor to hold the welding module for future drilling technicians for the fourth year in a row. Now it's time for a new group of future drilling technicians to learn to weld! Around the table are a group of future drilling technicians who have just started the welding module in MMA welding (stick welding). … Read more
  • Do you want to buy pizza steel or something else from our webshop?
    Right now we are having technical problems with our webshop. If you want to buy pizza steel or something else, you can place an order by emailing and we will solve it that way instead. Enter the following: Estimated delivery time is 3-5 days. Do you want to pick up in store or buy pizza steel on site? Come to Tornväktargränd 8 in Bromma. … Read more
  • Sit quietly in the boat - we are open all summer
    Sun, bath and time off! It's holiday season! Even if parts of our staff go on vacation, we have good capacity to take on more work this summer both at Lundgrens Smide and Bröderna Eddings Smide. We are both open as usual and there is always room for more work. It's a fantastic bunch that … Read more
    Happy Solstice! One of Sweden's most important holidays with dancing & singing around the midsummer pole, herring & nubbe, flowers in abundance and a sun that never sets. We wish you a really Happy Midsummer! A Lundgrens Smide A Lundgrens Smide offers the most in steel, glass and forged constructions and we have over 70 years of experience in manufacturing … Read more
  • Assembly supervisor wanted for exciting assignments
    An experienced assembly manager is wanted for exciting assignments - become part of our team! As assembly manager, you are responsible for the work management of the assembly team out on site. Your task is to lead the team forward when you install doors and windows around Sweden, so travel is included in the service. You both assemble and lead the assembly team. You get to work … Read more
  • Our opening hours
    At the beginning of next week, we will close the workshop and celebrate national day. Our opening hours next week are: Monday 5 June closed Tuesday 6 June closed Wednesday 7 June to Thursday 8 June at 06.30-15.45 Friday 9 June at 06.30-14.15 The following week we have our regular opening hours. Do you want help with forging or glass? Then … Read more
  • Places left on the TIG welding course on Friday
    There are a few places left on the TIG welding course that starts on Friday. During four occasions, you will learn TIG welding. It is also fine to go occasionally. The course is practically oriented and the course leader adapts the course to your prior knowledge and wishes regarding materials, welding methods, etc. You do not need any prior knowledge to take the course. The course … Read more
  • Door installers are wanted for exciting assignments
    Experienced door installers are wanted for exciting assignments - become part of our team! Are you a skilled door fitter with a sense of detail and a high spirit of service? Then we have the perfect job for you! We are a successful company in forging and glass that is now looking for experienced and committed door fitters to strengthen our fitter team. Ours … Read more
  • Happy Easter
    Happy Easter! Now it's really full speed in the forge workshop in Bromma. Right now we are manufacturing more wine racks for Magnusson Fine Wine on Grevgatan, a wind trap for Brasserie Astoria, grilles, wrought iron railings, etc. Some of our assemblers are in Hudiksvall and assemble 900 meters of railings, while others assemble protective products both in Gothenburg and Skåne. It is … Read more
  • Misa builds motorcycle ambulances
    Participants from Misa build motorcycle ambulances for Eezer. Carts that will save lives in the African countryside! Just before the turn of the year, we started this project that Misa is behind. Three participants are with us three days a week and build motorcycle ambulances. Our experienced blacksmith Marco guides the participants through the production process. They have taken welding courses with us before … Read more
  • Stair railing and handrail in oak
    Manufacture and assembly of stair railings for indoor stairs. The stair railing has been manufactured and assembled by our blacksmiths. It meets current safety requirements. The stair railing has been manufactured with the following details: The stair railing is L-shaped from the wall on the upper floor and halfway down the stairs. The wrought iron railing is powder coated in white according to the customer's wishes. Railing in the stair opening upstairs The stair rail … Read more
  • Welding event for architects & designers
    It was an honor to arrange a welding event for Fahlander Arkitekter and SD Project in our forge workshop in Bromma. They wanted to test welding and gain a greater understanding of what they were drawing. The participants also wanted to see which machines we have in the forge workshop and how they work. During the welding event, the 18 architects and designers received … Read more
  • Brass clad in concrete pillar Luzette
    We had the honor of dressing the existing concrete pillar in brass at restaurant Luzette at Stockholm's central station. Accompanying Carrara marble serving table with footrest was included in the project. Lundgrens has been involved in manufacturing interior design for the restaurant in the past. **********************************LUNDGRENS SMIDE – Forging & glass since 1952Satisfied customers & employees A Lundgrens Smithy offers the most in steel, … Read more
  • Kick-off 2023
    It's Friday and time for Lundgren's Kick-off 2023 in the Red Room at Berns. It was in the Red Room that August Strindberg spent a large part of his time when he was looking for inspiration for his novel The Red Room. We are not there to write a novel. However, history and this is the starting point for 2023! Why … Read more
  • A blacksmith quickly on site
    Do you need help in welding, forging & glass? Then you should call us on 08-684 118 00 and we will have a blacksmith on site quickly. This awesome blacksmith team is ready for new exciting missions. About us Lundgrens offers the most in steel, glass and forged constructions. We have over 70 years of experience and broad industry know-how … Read more
  • The year is almost over - we're growing like crazy!
    The year is drawing to a close and it is time to look back on the good bits and at the same time learn from the setbacks. A year of fantastic development. We are growing so that it cracks! We have doubled our turnover, hired more skilled blacksmiths and project managers, become certified according to ISO 14001:2015, participated in and started the establishment of Eezers … Read more
  • When Santa comes
    Christmas is just around the corner and it is a wonderful time combined with warmth and community for most people, including at Lundgrens! We dance into Christmas by dancing dabke through the workshop. When Santa arrives, he brings great joy to our dear staff. Santa really has a twinkle in his eye when he hands out Christmas presents. All … Read more
  • Lucia celebration
    Today we celebrate Lucia with lussebuns and eat other goodies that belong to Christmas. A nice break in everyday life is to have coffee together. Different nationalities tell how they usually celebrate Lucia. Some of us go big and others don't celebrate at all. We light the third candle in Lundgren's self-designed advent stake and the countdown to Christmas has … Read more
  • When community is in focus
    It's Friday and time for Lundgren's annual 5 S day and Christmas party. It has been quite busy at the workshop lately with large productions, remodeling and new staff. Not so strange considering the expansive phase we are in. There is a lot of exciting happening but it also means that … Read more
  • Door replacement
    Door replacement, manufacturing and assembly. A door whose appearance would match the existing one. Available at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm. Lundgrens Smide has extensive experience in door manufacturing. We manufacture doors in various styles according to our customers' wishes and needs. Doors in traditional style, security doors, fire doors, garage doors, door sections covered with brass, lattice doors, etc. Often in … Read more
  • SUPERDEAL – 50 % discount on welding courses
    Take part in our super deal - 50 % discount on welding courses. The offer is valid throughout Blackweek and while seats last. We have courses that suit everyone. For those who have never held a welder before and for those who want to develop their welding skills. We also offer metalwork for those who want to create or repair … Read more
  • The best thing about Lundgrens is our commitment to Eezer!
    Now it's Mattias Bäckström from Lundgren Smides' turn to come along on a follow-up trip in collaboration with Eezer Initiative. A journey full of experiences awaits! Lundgrens Smide became involved in Eezer five years ago. When Eezer's Motorcycle Ambulances appeared on Facebook, it piqued our interest immediately. After a press of the like button we became … Read more
  • Do you want to buy pizza steel or take a welding course?
    Do you want to buy pizza steel or take a welding course? Then you can place an order in our webshop. There are a few places left on the autumn welding courses. New dates for spring courses will be available shortly. Where do I pick up my order? If you order a product from our webshop, also indicate whether you want to pick it up in store … Read more
  • Stair railing and supervisor to St. Paul's Church
    Now we manufacture supervisors, stair railings and a staircase that you will be able to see in St. Paul's Church at Mariatorget in the south. The handrails are made of solid steel and must be attached to the wall. They must be painted for indoor use before assembly takes place on site. We will also deliver a steel staircase in the project. Do you also need help with one … Read more
  • The new project team
    The new project team at Lundgrens is starting to take shape - the team that will deliver world-class forging & glass. Here we have Tommie who started a month ago. Right now he makes planters and trellis trays in Corten, edge supports, boxes and wrought iron railings for Skanska. He has more exciting projects in the works. We have hired five new ones … Read more
  • The starting shot - the autumn welding courses are underway
    Autumn is here, which also means the start of the autumn welding courses. We are looking forward to an autumn packed with welding courses where we get to train in welding. It's great that the interest in learning to weld is so great! Today was the start of our welding courses. So secure your place today. You can find the range here and … Read more
  • Happy Friday at Lundgren's
    It is very exciting what is happening in our forging workshops right now, both in Bromma and Järfälla. Some of the best blacksmiths in town are back from their vacations. We have replenished the force with more skilled and dedicated project managers in forging and glass. There are also good blacksmiths on the way. In addition, we have new apprentices like us … Read more
  • Mobile stand by shoulder
    Here you have a mobile stand that is suitable for both phones, tablets and Ipads. It was Axel who designed the mobile stand when he was 10 years old and was in the workshop working on the metal curtain. He took some leftover pieces of sheet metal and bent them in the manual bending machine and the result was very good! Since then he has been selling … Read more
  • Join the gang in our wonderful assembly team!
    We are now looking for skilled assemblers for our wonderful assembly team! We are increasing in turnover and have received orders for several major projects to be carried out in 2022/23. So far this year, we have a turnover that is higher than the whole of 2022! Very exciting and fun! In order to grow in step with the development, we need to almost double our workforce and … Read more
  • We are open all summer!
    You can rest easy - we are open this summer! Sun, bath and time off! It's holiday season! Our staff also go on holiday. But, you can rest easy because we will be open as usual all summer. Certainly there are fewer in the workforce available but there is always someone on site. Some days … Read more
  • 25 % at a discount on any welding course
    Now there is a summer sale on our welding courses and you get 25 % at a discount on any welding course. We have courses in TIG, MIG/MAG and MMA as well as combination courses. Both for beginners and those who want to develop their welding skills. We arrange courses for private individuals, companies and schools. The discount also applies to the metal veil where you can create … Read more
  • Happy Solstice!
    We wish you a happy Midsummer at Lundgrens! The week was filled with various blacksmithing jobs. We made wrought iron gates, trained in TIG welding, manufactured and installed protective products, renewed our hot works certificates and much more. We are open all summer, but now we will raise the midsummer pole, dance the little frogs, eat herring & drink nubbe, run pentathlon, pick seven kinds of flowers and … Read more
  • Supervisor in oak for stairs
    Manufacture and assembly of two oak handrails with associated fixings for an entrance staircase to a condominium association in Stockholm inner city. Length 2400 mm / side. The handrail is made of untreated oak with a profile according to the model in stairwells. The fixings are similar to existing fixings with the addition of 2 uprights / side that are fixed to the floor. The steel is … Read more
  • Come on metal craft on Saturday
    On Saturday we open up the workshop in Bromma for metalwork. So come and create your own items in sustainable forging. Having access to a fully equipped workshop is a dream for many and with us you get the opportunity. With the help of an experienced blacksmith, you get guidance in your own project. From idea to … Read more
  • Visiting a clinic in north east Burundi
    Richard and Lars Klingsbo visit clinics in Burundi to monitor the use of Eezer's motorcycle ambulances. Here is an update from the visit. At the clinic in Burundi This clinic has not had the opportunity to bring pregnant women here before. Neither for checkups nor during childbirth. The reason is the rugged terrain in the mountains. But then the clinic got … Read more
  • A greeting from Africa
    On Monday, Richard Lundgren and Eezer's firebrand Lars Klingsbo landed in Bujumbura in Burundi. Lars has been there many times and for Richard it is his third trip. During the week, they must follow up both the production and use of the ambulances. They will also hold discussions about how Eezer will scale up the project with Congo i … Read more
  • Have a nice Ascension of Christ! Our opening hours
    Christ's Ascension and for us it means a short working week. It's pretty empty inside the blacksmith's workshop in Bromma because most people are out working. Among other things, we install forged trees on Hötorget and protective products in southern Sweden. Yesterday was the end of Misa's continuing course in welding and metalwork. Many talented and satisfied participants. We … Read more
  • We are looking for staff immediately
    We have a lot of work coming in now and the pressure is high. And, of course, it feels very fun and good! We are therefore looking for additional staff in forging and glass to be able to move forward at full speed. Both for Lundgrens Smide, Bröderna Eddings and colleagues within the industry, we are looking for staff. We need talent that has … Read more
  • Welding for future drilling technicians - now we're driving!
    The welding table is loaded with welds, pickaxes, metal brushes, welding electrodes, etc. Around the table are a group of prospective drilling technicians who are today starting their welding module in MMA welding (stick welding). Our experienced welder Samer will teach the participants to weld in welding mode PC lying vertically (pipe standing). A goal that the participants must during the course. Now we run the welding module for future drilling technicians for … Read more
  • We are ISO 14001 certified!
    Lundgrens Smide is proud that we are now certified according to ISO 14001:2015! We realize that we must take the environment seriously and therefore work actively to reduce our negative environmental impact. When we realized the importance of being ISO 14001 certified, we built an environmental management system according to the ISO standard that we work according to. After one … Read more
  • Finsmeder is wanted in Bromma & Järfälla
    ABOUT THE SERVICE We are a growing group that is looking for blacksmiths to start immediately. As a fine blacksmith, you produce exclusive forged products and metal glass parts. You mainly work with the manufacture of interiors and covering glass and door parts in different materials. Everything from exclusive wrought iron railings, wine racks & furnishings to covered entrance areas in brass, works of art & signs. Often … Read more
  • Blacksmiths in building forging - Bromma & Järfälla
    We have a number of large forging projects underway and many exciting projects that are in the starting pit. Therefore, we need to replenish the force with more blacksmiths. We are looking for construction blacksmiths based at Lundgrens Smide in Bromma and blacksmiths based at Bröderna Eddings Smithy in Järfälla. Your tasks Your main tasks will be manufacturing and assembly … Read more
  • As summer approaches
    Summer is approaching and it's time to celebrate Valborg and welcome beautiful May. We also notice that summer is approaching in our forge workshop. We build pool ladders because many people get thirsty when it starts to get warm in the air. Another sure sign that summer is approaching is that with the light and … Read more
  • Happy Easter
    We wish you a happy Easter at Lundgrens! The Easter weekend is a welcome break in everyday life as we get the opportunity to feast on goodies and spend time with our loved ones. Now we're going to look for eggs, decorate Easter eggs, go Easter carousing, eat sweets and good Easter food. On Tuesday we are back and then an intense week awaits. We … Read more
  • Stair railing with V-pattern
    Now the custom-made stair railing with V-pattern in hand-made forging is in place in a villa in Bromma. The customer approached us with a request for an indoor stair railing. The customer received quick help in designing the stair railing that he wanted as well as help with measuring. Then the manufacture of the railing started in our blacksmith's workshop. When … Read more
  • Happy Friday
    Happy Friday! This week we have made greenhouses, a pool ladder, welded cover, fitted security doors, taught welding etc. Forging & glass in world class! We have celebrated a record invoicing and so we have started loading up for Easter with a good Easter cake. We ended the week with a big meeting when the focus was on the environment & sustainability. Divided into … Read more
  • Metal craft - create your own objects in wrought iron
    Last Saturday it was metalwork with Marco. One of the participants made his own TV stand. She had made a drawing herself that she showed us before. She got help from us to buy flat steel and then she made the TV bench with the help of our experienced blacksmith Marco as course leader. From idea to finished result result! … Read more
  • Time for this year's first dip in the spring sun?
    The spring sun is shining when our blacksmiths are welding at full blast. The beach promenade is starting to take shape at Strandängarna in Tyresö municipality. Wooden fences and gravel paths are placed at the promenade for a lakeside walking path along the lakeside at Strandängarna in Tyresö strand. The footpath will be two meters wide and will walk through reeds and damp parts. It should be gravel … Read more
  • Welding skills on test
    Today, our blacksmiths get to show their welding skills by taking a welding test. They will put butt welds on pipes. A welding inspector supervises the actual testing. He verifies that the welder follows the specified WPS and that the requirements set in the standard are met. When the sample is ready, the inspector performs a visual inspection of the sample. If the requirements are met is … Read more
  • Our apprentice Tom's degree project
    Tom is studying at the Academy of Handicrafts' two-year university of applied sciences education in traditional crafts. He started with us in August and is in the blacksmith's workshop in Bromma four days/week to learn the profession in reality from his experienced supervisors. Now Tom gets the opportunity to further develop his knowledge, skills and competences. Among other things, he gets to learn machines, welding techniques, metalworking, materials. … Read more
  • Sets up (in all weathers)
    Our outstanding staff do a fantastic job and show up (in all weathers). It might sound like a cliché, but that's how it is with us. For example, our skilled welders on Strandpromenaden are praised by the client who thinks they are very talented, easy to work with and incredibly competent professionals. Despite this weather, the guys are working … Read more
  • Weekend tips
    Surprise with nutella pizza this weekend! So simple and so good! Only the imagination sets limits to the flavor combinations! It is easy to make your very own Nutella pizza on a baking/pizza steel and serve with cream or ice cream. Ingredients A ready-made pizza dough A jar of nutella or nut cream Topping: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, banana, kiwi, nuts, coconut - choose your favourites! … Read more
  • Welds on the beach promenade
    Our skilled blacksmiths are fully welding on the Strandpromenade. They wear warm clothes to keep from freezing because it is quite cold outside, especially by the water. The guys weld caps. It's pipes that they weld together with plates. They make butt welds when joining the two steel pieces. The pipe has been pre-treated by chamfering … Read more
  • Pizza steel for the perfect pizza - bargains here!
    Hurry up to find pizza steel for the perfect pizza! Right now we have a sale of a batch of pizza steel 8 mm at the BEST PRICE! The baking/pizza steels are discounted to an unbeatable price as some may have more manufacturing scratches than normal. However, they work just as well and there will be more scratches when you start using yours … Read more
  • Back in everyday life - everything in forging & glass
    We are back in everyday life again and it certainly feels a little tough when the lazy days are over. But, we have actually survived the most depressing day of the year and luckily it is possible to quickly find our way back to the routines again! Having a new year with new opportunities ahead is always exciting. It is … Read more
  • Opening hours week 1
    Now we have kicked off the new year. A new year means new wonderful projects to be carried out. It's full speed in the forge workshop and now we manufacture doors, beams, columns and a locking kiosk. An assembly team is out assembling the folding glass sections for a restaurant at Stureplan. It is a short working week with holidays. Therefore closes … Read more
  • We wish you a happy new year!
    2021 will soon be over and we want to wish you a happy new year! We also want to take the opportunity to thank you for allowing us to be your supplier, employer, partner, customer and friend. We are so grateful and proud of what we create! Together we make the (for me) impossible possible when we perform advanced … Read more
  • Merry Christmas happy new year!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year we wish you all! Hope you have a nice Christmas weekend. We are now closing the blacksmith shop. But on Monday we will be back again. Our opening hours on the days between Week 52 and 1 we are open at the following times. Week 52 Monday 27 December: from 06.30 to 15.45 Tuesday 28 December: from 06.30 to 15.45 Wednesday 29 December: … Read more
  • Last minute Christmas gift tips with 25 % discount
    With only a few days left until Christmas Eve itself, the stress of Christmas is to say the least. The list of everything to be fixed is long – Christmas decorations, buying a tree, wholesale shopping, Christmas baking, wrapping packages…. In addition to that, you have to think about, shop and wrap the last Christmas presents. It is really not strange if both the imagination and the energy start … Read more
  • The copper-clad fountains are tested
    Today it was time to test drive the copper-clad fountains. It was very soothing with the sound of the rippling water in the workshop. About the copper-clad fountains The existing frames came to our workshop in Bromma. We started by raising the existing frames with cast iron sides and put feet on the frame. Then we covered the frames with … Read more
  • Christmas gift tips - pizza steel for the perfect pizza
    Christmas Eve approaches and the Christmas stress starts. Then a Christmas gift tip is worth its weight in gold! If you are looking for a fun, useful and maybe a little quirky gadget, a baking/pizza steel is a perfect Christmas present. A Christmas present that many appreciate. Because who doesn't like pizza or homemade bread? Cooking and baking together is also a fun activity. … Read more
  • Folding glass section - manufactured and ready
    The folding glass section for a restaurant at Stureplan is now complete. It fits like a charm during the trial assembly. Now it must be painted in a dark gray matt color before it is time to put glass and assemble in place. Advanced forging jobs Since the start in 1952, we have delivered complete solutions in glass and forging constructions. We would like to make advanced forging- … Read more
  • FIND to BLACK FRIDAY prices 30-50 % discount !!
    Finally time for Black Friday 2021! Our Black Friday sale starts at midnight on November 26, 2021 and runs for 24 hours. You get a whopping 30 % discount on all products in our webshop where you can find, among other things, our affordable baking/pizza steel, consoles, wine racks etc. The discount does not apply to gift cards. 50 % discount on welding courses Du … Read more
  • We are looking for staff!
    A highly topical area right now is recruiting the right skills. We are a growing group that has received an order for a large job that we will deliver in 2022. Therefore, we are looking for new staff. Firstly, we need to strengthen project management with both project managers and project engineers. Firstly, we need to fill up with more skilled blacksmiths and … Read more
  • Now we are rebuilding the entrance at Frösunda square
    It is an honor that we get to be involved in rebuilding the entrance at Gustav III's Boulevard 18-22 at Frösunda Torg in Solna. In the project we will deliver: Lacquered sliding glass sections in steel incl. Automatic Corten sheet metal in cassettes Frame for cassettes Steel frame for glass section The customer is Artmax.
  • Happy Halloween
    we wish at Lundgrens Smide - everything in forging and glass! ****************************************************** ******** LUNDGRENS SMIDE - Forging & glass since 1952 Our goal is to always deliver good projects to a satisfied customer! Lundgrens Smide offers everything in steel, glass and forged constructions to both construction companies and private individuals. We do most things in construction forging, glass and metal parts, interior forging and service forging and organize … Read more
  • Aluminum railing from the start - manufactured, assembled, ready!
    This fine aluminum railing for Nockeby Hus has been made by our skilled blacksmiths from start to finish! It is made from square tubes in different dimensions in our forge workshop in Bromma. We have cut the pipes and welded them together into an exclusive ALU railing. The railing has then been mounted in place. Client: SVPH Nockeby Hus An advantage with a railing in … Read more
  • Lovely gang that performs world-class sustainable forging
    These skilled and energetic blacksmiths strive to deliver sustainable, world-class forging to our customers! It is exciting to be able to follow the projects every day and be part of the magical world of blacksmithing. With a piece of metal, a few tools and machinery, our blacksmiths can make almost anything. It looks so simple … Read more
  • Last-minute welding 25 % discount
    Now you get a full 25 % discount on course starts in week 41. With the discount code last-minute-welding, you get a 25 % discount on this week's course starts. Choose from: Welding for beginners 13 October at 9-15 Welding for beginners (6 sessions) start 14 October at 12.30-15.30 TIG welding (5 sessions) start 15 October at 9-12 Three educational courses for you who … Read more